Every company wishes its employees to have an ability to identify and solve problems associated with its Quality, Efficiency and Timeliness successfully. If you are in Business Operations or Improvement Projects, then Certified Lean Expert is the most suitable certification to improve your knowledge, achieve superior results and accelerate your career growth.

Body of Knowledge

We use cognitive skills hierarchy, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creating a knowledge base. Cognitive skills focus on intellectual skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creating a knowledge base. In this domain, learners should progress linearly through the hierarchy, beginning at “remember” and ending at “create.” Further, our course flow aligns with practical Lean methodology implementation to any work area.

Cognitive skills hierarchy

  • Remember: Recognizing and recalling facts.
  • Understand: Understanding what the facts mean.
  • Apply: Applying the facts, rules, concepts and ideas.
  • Analyze: Breaking down information into component parts.
  • Evaluate: Judging the values of information or ideas.
  • Create: Combining parts to make a new whole.


Chapter 1 - History and Evolution
  • Lean Evolution
  • Deployment path
  • Pillars of Lean
  • Project selection
  • Shingo principles
  • Lean Behaviour
  • Lean Attitude
  • Lean application areas
  • References
  • Quiz
  • Summary
Chapter 2 - Lean Principles
  • Business Excellence
  • Five principles of Lean
  • Muda, Mura, Muri
  • Quiz
  • Summary
  • Case study
Chapter 3 - Mapping the Current state
  • PQ Analysis
  • Creating current state value stream map – CSVSM
  • Identify wastes
  • Future state design considerations Quiz
  • Summary
  • Case study
Chapter 4 - Lean Tool Box
  • Five golden rules of problem solving
  • 5S
  • Basic definitions
  • TAKT time
  • Heijunka
  • Standard work
  • Kanban
  • Andon
  • Jidoka
  • Single piece flow
  • Cellular Flow
  • Quick change over
  • Visual factory
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Mistake proofing
  • Quiz
  • Summary
  • Case study
Chapter 5 - Designing the Future State
  • Ideal state
  • Future state
  • Transition from current state to ideal state
  • Quiz
  • Summary
  • Case study
Chapter 6 - Lean deployment roadmap
  • Roadmap to deploy lean in an organization.
  • Common pitfalls.
  • Critical success factors for success deployment.
  • Quiz
  • Summary

Examination pattern

  • Exam duration: 2 hours.
  • Type of exam : Open book.
  • Questions: 100 questions, objective type.
  • Negative marking : Not applicable.
  • Mode of examination: Web based on line.
  • Medium of instruction : English

Preconditions to take up this certification

There are two minimum needs to enroll for certified lean expert examination.

  1. Fifteen years of education.
  2. Two years of industry work experience.
Sample Study Material

Lean Principles - Ebook


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Lean Implementation Success Stories

Two Real – Time implementation case-study on Lean. Helps you understand practical application.

Lean Crossword Puzzle

Fun! – Test your preparation with Lean puzzle. Covers almost all key concepts.  Helps you retain your preparation for long.

Productivity Improvement Tool - MS Excel Based

An exclusive excel based tool to help you plan your resources on daily basis. It will tell potential areas you could improve/reduce resources allocated.
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Why consider certification in Lean?

Competitive Edge in the Job Market – Stand better chance while making career change.

Enhanced Appraisals, Management Recognition and Job Promotion

Apply Lean concepts in your daily work to become an efficient worker.

Apply Lean knowledge in your work area and improve your key deliverables thus, adding value to your company

Why Lean Certification from SKIL?

Certified Lean Expert Certification is offered through Web-Based Exam. You can take the exam from anywhere in India. Appear for exam on the date of your choice and avoid traveling to exam center.

 Affordable and Self Study based Exam – We have made the certification affordable to everyone and ensured that the study material is designed in such a way that it is self-explanatory with several concept application examples.

SKIL is a Leading Operational Excellence Consulting firm with expertise in more than 22 business verticals and has trained more than 12,000 professionals in Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management.

Reduced Certification Completion Time – Our experience and research says, if you prepare as per the study plan given by us, you can appear for exam just within 90days.

What Working Professionals are saying?

As an Lean Six Sigma practitioner I’ve had the opportunity to work with global teams to create real world value for my organisation. It has not only enhanced my professional development but also provided me a keen sense of data driven thought process for any challenge that lies before me. Being able to contribute to your company’s health positively is a very fulfilling experience

Amit Shetty - Director, XEROX

This certification helped me in stream lining a process which was on-boarded and was dependent on many other team. The study material is fairly simple to understand.

Shruthi Shyamsunder, Team Lead - Amazon


Rs. 3199
Taxes extra.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expansion of CLE?

Certified Lean Expert.

How much time does it take to prepare and appear for the exam from the date of enrollment?

There is no standard time. However, based on our experience and design of study material and keeping in mind that you spend at least 1 hour per day to prepare, we anticipate a time frame of 2-3 months should be good to prepare and appear of exam at the end.

How well CLE Certification recognised in industry?

SKILGlobal is an Operational Excellence specialist and has been in training and certifying working professionals since 2003. We have so far trained and certified over 12,000 professionals. Certified Lean Expert, syllabus is based on cognitive skills and has a broad body of knowledge. The certification is well recognized across industries.

How does this certification help in my job and what impact it will have to my organization?

As a Certified Lean Expert, you will have the knowledge to resolve critical problems that will impact your Company’s operational measures like Quality, Cost, Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. A direct impact on the company’s bottom-line results.

Is SKIL accredated for CLE certification?
No. We never felt the need. Professionals trained and certified by us are widely recognised and accepted by several national and multinational companies. Moreover, we have been in business for over 13 years and have Consulted Organizations across India and Asia pacific.
Do you provide placement or placement assistance?

We do not have a formal placement cell. However, we do forward resumes of professionals trained and or certified by us to our clients and known networks.

Do I get CLE study material on enrolling for CLE?
When do I get the study material?
Once we receive your order, the study material is dispatched to your address. Normally it takes 3 – 5 working days for tier I and II cities. For remote location it may be longer and via Indian postal service.
How long the Certification is valid?
Can I copy the contents of the CD to my local system or other data drive?

Yes. While copying you should ensure security  and integrity of study material. Remember that the material is licensed for use to you only. It should not be transmitted or shared with any individual person or group of persons in any format electronic or physically. Doing so, would be a copyright act infringement and liable for punishment under Indian Copyright Act 1957.

What is the mode of conducting the Examination?

Web-based online exam.

What is the examination pattern?

CLE Certification exam consists of 100 objective type multiple choice questions. The duration is 2 hours. Medium of language is English

Is there a negative marking in the exam?


How much questions are distributed among the chapters?

You may expect the following question paper pattern in the examination.

  • Chapter 1, 5, 6 – 40 % of overall questions.
  • Chapter 2 – 15 % of overall questions.
  • Chapter 3 – 15 % of overall questions.
  • Chapter 4 – 30% of overall questions.
How many Exam attempts do I get in CLE Enrollment?

Only one.

If i do not clear the certification, can i take up the re-certification?

Yes. There is small fees for re-certification.

What if i am not able to appear for the exam within four months, due to some reasons?

You could buy extension for another 4 months by paying extension amount. You will be sent fresh exam link and instructions via email.

Is there a time period restriction to appear for the certification exam?

Yes. From the date of receiving the Exam link and instructions , you are required to take up the exam with 4 months. Failing which the link will be no more valid.

What is the validity of the exam link received via email to me?

The link will be valid for the scheduled exam date or period. Whenever you are ready to take the exam within four months of Enrollment, you can click the link and appear for exam. IMPORTANT: CLICK THIS LINK ONLY WHEN YOU PREFER TO TAKE EXAM. NOT OTHERWISE.

When will i get exam link and instructions?

Within 15 days of your enrollment.

What happens if there is a power failure or Internet failure or some glitch in the system while taking the exam?

In case of any incident of power failure or Internet issue or system related, your answers are stored in the portal. You have to log back and continue the exam within 20 mins. Else the exam is considered as taken. So, you get 1 chance to re-attempt in this circumstances.

Where can i specify my choice of exam date?

By enrolling for CLE, you can take the exam anytime within 4 months from the date of receiving the online exam link in your email from from us. You can click the link and appear for the exam when you feel you are ready to appear for the exam.

Where can I take the Online exam?

After your enrollment, you could expect an email from us containing online examination link and instructions. On clicking, you will be guided to exam portal where you to have register and appear for the exam.

Is tax applicable on the CLE fees?

Yes. Service tax at current rate.

When will I get tax invoice?

The tax paid invoice is dispatched with the study material.

What kind of support, am I entitiled for?

Email support is provided for

  • Queries on a particular topic or a subject, doubt clarifications etc. provided by our experts.
  • Examination related.
  • General support – For Billing, Shipping related, Study material related etc.

You can send your queries to support@skilglobal.com

Important note: We are providing support to you as free of charge. We will make all attempts to respond to your queries at the earliest. Any delays are regretted.