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Our unique expertise and vast experience in employee training and development has seen significant impact on bottom-line savings for the organizations. The Program customization is the key value driver of our engagement. In a learning organization, employee’s constant development through innovative and engaging training programs can be the answer for employee retention and growth. We offer Employee competency development programs in LEAN, SIX SIGMA AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT


Human Resources are valuable assets of any organization.  We coach organization’s human resources to achieve the goals set by management through our innovative learning and development programs. Our biggest assets are the people who succeed in our learning and development programs. Several individuals whom we have coached in the past are successful leaders today!

Apart from program customization, our engagements are driven by value we bring for three key stakeholders Executive sponsor, Team Manager/Process Manager and the employee.

Key Drivers

Employee Learning & Engagement

We believe no two organization training requirements are alike, and hence our programs are always customized. Employee is the primary stakeholder in a training engagement. We ensure our programs are designed to make learning fun filled and application oriented journey.

Linking to ROI and Business Case

We understand majority of the training programs fail because of lack a good business case. We focus on “how our engagements can bring value on table for the company in-terms of ROI”.

Rapid Transformation

We understand, every employee who undergoes training engagement should start using the concepts to solve problems in less than half of the time. As a Manager of the team, he/she is eager to see his team performing and delivering the results as early as possible.

What our clients and participants have say about us!

Crisp, Relevant and Mesmerizing. It’s real training instead of teaching. Small class size, more interaction and knowledge sharing makes it’s a complete package. I have learnt the way I need to be in my career path as a Black Belt. It has been a great experience working all those 14 weeks.

Mukul Pati Singh
Mukul Pati Singh Shahi Exports Ltd

Complete. One word describes it all. All though I couldn’t complete the full course and the methodology of the course provided enough moments to get going and take the exam. It showed the right direction on not only to clear the exam but also to set a mindset required for Black Belt. Thanks.

Harshdeep Singh,
Harshdeep Singh, Shahi Exports Ltd.
If you have passion towards quality and problem solving, SKIL is the place. I enjoyed the sessions and especially, Instructor’s capability to easily connect to my work area. I have attended many other training programs from other places but it’s mostly theory. What’s unique at SKIL is the real time consulting experience shared by Instructor.
Sathesh Balakrishnan
Sathesh Balakrishnan Duetche Bank

I would rate the program 4/5. Good training material. I had a great learning experience and would definitely help me in my journey.

Meenakshi Jain
Meenakshi Jain Amazon India

Good! Really enjoyed and learned throughout the sessions without feeling bored and distracted. Real-time examples and Instructor’s consulting experience sharing was delighter.

Shruthi N.C
Shruthi N.C Target Corporation

Great Training! I enjoyed the Learning and felt it was worth the money I spent. The training that underwent in my company was just not worth my time. I am happy I settled with SKIL.

Lakshmi Shankar
Lakshmi Shankar SLK Software Ltd.

As the program started, we did not know what to expect. But as the sessions progressed, it became more and more interesting. Initially Six Sigma looked complicated, but with the Instructor support and the quality of material it was like sipping coffee! That simple.

Nilabja Amazon India

I have been promoted to Manager role recently. I am glad, I took this program and with SKIL. I have used some of the concepts in my projects and have seen tremendous value particularly from my role perspective. I recommended this program.

Premganesh M
Premganesh M TCS Ltd






Our approach model


Employee Learning & Development Programs

Lean Management

Lean Overview for Manufacturing

Executive Management program about Lean, its principles and how it can be implemented in your factory. Conducted over 1-2 day of duration, the program is a pre-cursor for enterprise-wide Lean Initiative.

Lean Overview for Transactional

Lean conceptual training for Transactional Environment like KPO, BPO, Call Center and ITES. The program is conducted over 1 – 2 days, imbibing examples from your process areas. The target group are Senior management members along with other key stakeholders.

Lean for Operators

Lean Conceptual training for Operators, Supervisors and Floor executives of the factory. The program duration is one day, of which half a day is for Lean concepts and rest half a day is for action on the Gemba/Shopfloor.

Total Productivity Improvement (TPM)

Accelerated Learning Program &  in TPM and how your operators can improve OEE of the machines. Designed for 5 days including demo application on the work area/ Shopfloor.

5S for Office

A 5 day program focuses on understanding 5S concepts and how it can be implemented in an administrative area to improve productivity and employee work-area.

5S for Factory

6 day program, integrated with action on floor designed for operators and floor employees. The program’s central theme is “Do it yourself to believe it”. The action-packed engagement is one of most the liked program by our clients.

Lean for Beginners

Certification program for junior executive level on Lean principals, Concepts & its Application. Spread over 2 days, the course contains several games, implementation demos and simulations.

Certified Lean Expert, CLE

A Flagship Certification program of SKIL, Certified Lean Expert is a 4 day program for all middle and sub-senior level executives. The program BOK contains several tools and techniques of Lean.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Overview

A 2 day program for executive management. This program helps the company leadership to understand concepts of Six Sigma and its benefits on implementation. Many companies utilize this program for “Buying-in” for Enterprise wide Six sigma deployment from the key stakeholders.

Six Sigma Champion

Six Sigma for Champion is designed for Departmental Heads who would later steer the Six Sigma initiative in thier respective functional areas. This can also be looked upon as pre-cursor to identify potential improvement areas.

Six Sigma Overview for Transactional

A 2 day program for executive management. The program helps the company leadership to understand concepts of Six Sigma and its benefits on implementation. Many companies utilize this program for “Buying-in” from the key stakeholders. Designed exclusively for Transactional environment like BPO, KPO, Call Center or an ITES company.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Blended with Lean concepts, LSSGB program is conducted for 4 days. The course is for junior or middle level executive employees, who are part of improvement projects in the organization. In other words, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in an organization is an individual who works on continuous improvement projects part time (25%), either as a team member for complex projects or as a project leader for simpler projects.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Intensive Six Sigma course for those who aspire to be a leader in problem solving. Another flagship training program from SKIL, conducted over three weeks. The course meets international standard of Black Belt Certification. A Certified Black Belts are perceived future leaders.

Minitab Decoded

Minitab is a Statistical analytic software. “Minitab Decoded” is a two program where participants are taught on the usage of the software. As a prerequisite, attendees should be Green Belt or a Black Belt trained/Certified.

Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

A one day executive program emphasizing the fundamentals of project
management. All proponents of the project management theory can amply benefit from this basic program. Here is your chance to “learn and apply” project management fundamentals in your day-to-day work. Obviously, we expect this program to act as a pre-cursor towards larger project management success stories.

Principles of Project Management

Principles of Project Management course is designed for associates to project managers, project managers, team leaders, project leaders, team members, project co-coordinators and managers who are aiming to learn project management process and apply them in their real-world projects. This course will also be helpful in preparing internationally recognized project management certifications exams. The program is conducted over 3 days

PMP Preparatory course (PCPP)

SKIL is a known for its high quality training courses comprising of evolved course structure, world class content and it’s delivery excellence. This course is designed to help students prepare for the PMP® exam certification. Additionally, this course will help students apply the learning in their real world projects. The training method includes individual exercises, group exercises, games, quizzes, illustrations, case study, stories, group discussions, videos, lectures, presentations and practice tests. The program is aligned to PMBOK® 5

Project Scheduling and Tracking using Microsoft Project

This course is designed to help students prepare and track project schedule using Microsoft® Project® software. Course includes demonstration, illustrations, stories, presentations, practice assignments, sample scheduling templates,tips and is conducted over 2 days.

Software Project Estimation

Software project estimation is a black art! Even today this is a research area in software development. The fundamental issue in software estimation seems in “estimating-the-size” of the software. Most of the estimates today are based on either expert judgement or a guess.  We often miss on key activity in every software development project life cycle; capture the actual time taken to complete software or a piece of software. If we have this information, we can implement few software estimation techniques that will help the project team to arrive at better estimates and what’s more your estimates now have some science behind it. Duration of this course is 1-2 day

Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management is the way you manage surprises in the project management.  More often there are unknowns in the project and yet the project team goes ahead with providing estimates and plan everything based on these incomplete estimates. Since there are unknowns / uncertainties, the project team often pads estimates. In spite of doing so, there are delays, cost-overruns etc.The unknowns / uncertainties must be managed using the process of project Risk Management. Often this process is either looked upon as a burden or a mere Jargon. Project teams fail to realize that doing this process can actually benefit meeting the project objectives. Duration of the course is 1 day.

Specialty programs

Progress OpenEdge Programs

Progress® OpenEdge® is one of the most powerful development platforms that enables faster development and deployment of business applications. The simplicity of OpenEdge® ABL is unmatched! The database management is easy yet capable of handling robust applications. OpenEdge® ABL is one of the most developer-friendly-programming-languages. There always seems to be a supply and demand mismatch of skilled technical resources in OpenEdge®. We would like to reduce this gap! We are capable of building your team to deliver results. Few popular programs are Progress® OpenEdge® ABL Essentials, Progress® OpenEdge® GUI Basics, Progress® WebSpeed® Essential, Progress® DBMS Essentials.

Manufacturing Excellence Programs

This unique program is designed for operators, supervisors and maintenance employees who are far less educated than others. But they are work horses and are responsible for production in the floor. The program is less of theoretical and mostly Gemba based group interactive training. Conducted in local language. Few programs under this banner are Operator development program, Production supervisor development program, and Quality improvement program.

Service Excellence Programs

This program is designed for Service segment and focuses on improving operations and quality.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

This program is recommended  for employees who are part of R&D, Quality and New product Development. Conducted over 5 days, the interactive course brings in several tools and techniques for new product or process design.

TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

TRIZ is a powerful problem solving approach based on the patterns of problems and its solutions. Utilized in many companies for generating creative ideas and overcoming problems while creating a new product or an invention.

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Our secret recipe! Team engagement.



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