Practical scenario

About 400 workers have left us in last couple months! What does the data say? Whom should we hire more? Is the attrition more for one gender than the other? Is attrition driven by ‘marital status’?

Statistical scenario

Construct an ‘interaction effects’ plot to study the effect of gender and marital status on attrition.

Statistical analysis

Married males leave the least, next married female leave the least. On the other hand single female leave the most followed by single male. There is an interaction between marital status and gender, leaving the company.

Practical inference

Married male tend to leave us less than married females! Let’s figure out why? Single females, whom we hire the most, leave us the most! Is it because we have them the most! Hmm.. we hire them the most as they are relatively easy to hire compared to other categories. Wait a minute, why do we hire them the most? Because they are easy to hire, did I say that? Here we need to change, we should hire the ones most who are most likely to stay with us for longer tenure perhaps or a good blend of married, single, male and female… we need to figure this out.

Statistics apart, someone please emphasize on proper exit interviews to check, why is anybody leaving us in the first place? Where do we need to improve? to retain more.

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