Studies show that more than 70% of employees lack required skills or mastery over skills to
deliver thier responsibilities

Being a Management consulting company for more than 15 years, we have been imparting problem solving and management skills to employees neccessary for effective delivery of thier responsibilities. Our programs are customized for the segment. We have consulted and delivered in more than 22 segments

Knowledge areas we help you build skills


Data Analytics and MIS


Lean & Manufacturing


Six Sigma & Quality


Project Management


Problem Solving


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Lean Six Sigma



We customize our programs to suit the segment and participant work area. Our programs are loaded with practical case studies, tips and tools.


Our program curriculum are set at international benchmark standards like ASQ. The curriculum is regularly updated every three years to match the current business scenario.


Our Trainers are Black Belts, Master Black belts who are Operational Consultants. They blend programs with success stories of your segment. This helps participants related to thier area and retention period of knowledge also increases.


After Training support is extended through email, call and we offer online learning portal to help employees sustain knowledge.

Our books used by many professionals


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Some of our standard program
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Lean Expert

Tags: Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing, Service

Lean for Leadership

Tags: Continuous Improvement, Problem solving, Manufacturing

Lean Principles

Tags: Continuous Improvement, Problem solving, Manufacturing

Lean for Shopfloor

Tags: Continuous Improvement, Problem solving, Manufacturing

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Tags: Quality, Six Sigma, Lean, Continuous Improvement, Problem solving, Manufacturing

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Tags: Six Sigma, Lean, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Problem solving, Manufacturing

HR Analytics

Tags: Human resources, Data analytics, MIS Reporting, HR KPI

Quality for operators

Tags: Quality, Manufacturing, Service, Operator’s training

Data Analytics

Tags: Dashboard, Data analysis, MIS Reporting, Business Dashboards

Project Management

Tags: Project management, Project, Scheduling, WBS

Office 5S

Tags: 5S, Lean, Organizing workplace, Lean foundation, Muda

5S for operators

Tags: Lean, 5S, Workplace organization, Improvement

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