We help transform – People . Process . Technology

There are three key questions to ask –
Where your organisation is today?
Where you want it to be?
How to get there?

We help you answer these questions. Our approach is simple yet comprehensive. We assess the current state to identify potential improvement opportunities, align them with current year goals and objectives. We then facilitate project execution, train, mentor and coach people on the job. We handhold till you sustain results.

Our approach

Assess Current State, Identify and Prioritize Projects, Align Stakeholders

Facilitate Project Execution

Train, mentor, coach people on projects on the job

Document success story, SOP, plan to sustain gains

Motivated and skilled work force enabled by Information Technology

We use proven management philosophies


How to achieve Zero down time? Zero down time is the goal.


How to enhance Value Addition to the customer? Increase velocity.


A quick improvement with Kaizen blitz and PDCA approach, to increase efficiency and effectiveness


How to reduce variation and defects in a process? Increase accuracy.


How to maximize output given the constraints? Strengthen the weakest link.

We use technology as a lever to achieve set goals
ERP implementation KPIs Dashboard Business Analytics Data Science RPA (Machine Learning & AI)

Fast Moving Consumer Goods – Success Stories

50% Reduction in usable and unusable waste in a Biscuit manufacturing company in India. The CI initiative saved the company 300,000 USD annualized.

1/3 Reduction in direct manpower in a Biscuits manufacturing company in India. This company implemented the solutions across 50+ manufacturing facilities across India.

35% Improvement in plant operating efficiency, in a canning company in USA, with a annualized savings of over 2 Million USD.

IT Enabled Services – Success Stories

100% Upload of the processed files to client’s server within agreed upon service level agreement on turnaround Time (TAT), in a Mortgage documents processing company.

100% Reduction accuracy achieved in a Medical Billing process, against the service level agreement of 97% specified by the client.

50% Increase in productivity per full time equivalent employee employee (FTE) in a Medical Billing process. This process was was already at industry benchmark output.