The Challenge
“Customers need more variants at lesser costs. They want us to exceed set quality targets and ship on time in full in shortest lead time”. Survival is difficult, we aren’t making profits. There is only one alternative left in front of us “delight the customers within existing resources”.

The question is, “can we increase our plant capacity in Delhi by at least 10%, within existing resources? “We got your reference from —– company in Delhi.”, They said you make it easy for productivity improvement within existing resources!” Can you help us in our mission? For us it was another opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves and others, change works, and if it aligned with business needs and customer interests, it works even better.

The Solution
We visited the factory in Delhi and took a quick look at the place and inquired about ‘current performance measures’. Journey took four months, and we faced following key challenges to achieve the goal.

  • Six Months Road Map
  • Develop ‘Current State Value Stream Map.
  • Brainstorm to design ‘Future State.’
  • Carry out solutions to achieve Future State.
Challenge How addressed?
Multiple products, Shorter Lead time, Small quantities. Line Balance and Flow, Heijunka, QCO concepts, Kanban and cellular manufacturing.
Right First Time % Single Piece Flow, 5S and Standard work.
NVA (non-value added) activities elimination Lean Factory Layout, Cellular Flow, design of customized jigs, tools and fixtures.

Two key reasons contribute towards successful improvement initiative – Total Employee Engagement and Top Management Commitment.  Science provides direction for thought and action.

The Results

  • 20% increase in production (quantity) a day, with one-time cost investment of Rs.100000 on changes to existing layout and design of new tools, jigs and fixtures.
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness %) improved from 65% to 85% (for some cells 95%).
  • Management dropped the decision on factory expansion.

Why us and what next?
“We combine the power of Science and People Engagement to ensure improvement journey is enjoyable and exciting! We help people to become passionate to set higher goals and achieve them. Then we ensure everyone learns tools and techniques best fit for their chosen goals. We handhold till people come up with their success story. One’s own success story is the best form of motivation to continue the journey! It brings pride and ownership thus helps keep the gains.