The Challenge

  • Small order quantities per style.
  • Short shipments.
  • Air shipments.
  • Customer claims.
  • Actual efficiency less than budgeted efficiency % for the style.
  • It takes long-time to reach peak efficiency %.
  • Long changeover time, from one style to another style. “We need all-round improvement! Factory is incurring losses! How can we transform on all the fronts at the same time? We cannot survive for long if factory is incurring losses! Monthly Factory Efficiency % holds the key! Can you help us to meet or exceed monthly factory budgeted efficiency %?

The Solution

  • Foundation: 5S, Visual Factory, Autonomous Maintenance.
  • Current State Value Stream Mapping.
  • Future State design, identification and prioritization of Kaizens to carry out.
    • Classroom learning (in local language) classes for all supervisors, assistant production managers, production managers, floor in-charge and sectional heads. Syllabus and study material designed to individuals work area.
    • Gemba Kaizen programs every month to apply the learning.
    • Daily (Line meeting), weekly (Factory meeting), monthly (Management meeting) performance reviews followed by corrective and preventive actions.

Lean Manufacturing System: Order execution approach for ‘Pull Production’ using Quick Change Over, Line Balance, Throughput Flow and Kanban techniques

Key reasons for success: (1) Top Management Commitment – Long term (3 years) commitment (2) Various HR initiatives (3) Lean Manufacturing System (4) Structured MIS (5) Structured daily/weekly/monthly reviews.

The Results

Why us and what next?

“We combine the power of Science and People Engagement to ensure improvement journey is enjoyable and exciting! We help people to become passionate to set higher goals and achieve them.  Then we ensure everyone learns tools and techniques best fit for their chosen goals.  We handhold till people come up with their success story.  One’s own success story is the best form of motivation to continue the journey!  It brings pride and ownership thus helps keep the gains.