Project Management Training

Projects are everywhere! Formally trained professionals in project management are less likely to struggle with managing projects. The course teaches project managers or project team members the best project practices and how to handle project challenges. The course is offered at various levels.

Is this certification right for me?


If you are looking for a job as a project manager or in PMO, formal training and certification in project management like PMI’s PMP© certification can fetch you up to 16% more salary package (as per a survey).


Projects are found in every organization. Formal education in project management can give you a chance to get into the most desired Project team.


Project Management courses are highly recommended for project managers or project team members who are desire to grow to a higher position or for new projects.

Benefits of getting trained and certified in project management


Exceed expectations

Applying project management practices will help you lead projects in a structured way. Project management knowledge will not only help you predict project risks in advance but be prepared for them as well.


Job Security

Working Professionals with formal education and certification in Project management are likelier to retain the job.


Get on A Team

Knowledge is a key criterion to be considered for A-team in an organization. A trained and knowledgeable employee in project management will have an edge over others.


Confidence and Self – Esteem

Once you achieve most of what is mentioned, you will gain confidence. Project Management credentials, success stories, more confidence, and getting into A team will boost your chances of getting hired in a global organization.

Courses in Project Management we offer

Project Management Fundamentals (1 day)

Fundamentals of Project Management is a one-day executive program emphasizing the fundamentals of project management. All proponents of the project management theory can amply benefit from this basic program. We expect this program to act as a pre-cursor towards larger project management success stories.

Principles of Project Management (3 days)

Principles of Project Management program is designed for associates to project managers, team leaders, project leaders, team members, project co-coordinator, and managers who are aiming to learn project management processes and apply them in their real-world projects.

Project scheduling and Tracking using MSP

MSP or Microsoft® Project® course is designed to help professionals use advanced features of project scheduling. This course includes demonstration, illustrations, stories, presentations, practice assignments, and sample scheduling templates and tips. The course duration is 2 days.



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Professionals coached


Segments worked with

What participant say

The session helped me to organize and apply the project management concept, ultimately creating value for my organization.

Mr. Sathish
Mr. Sathish Project Manager, Capegemini

I have received complete clarity on the project management concepts through live examples.

Mr. Virupaksha
Mr. Virupaksha Sr. Project Manager - Wipro Ltd.

Received complete clarity on the project management concepts, through live examples and case studies were very helpful.

Shyam Sunder
Shyam Sunder DGM - Ness Technologies

Modes of course delivery

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