The Challenge

  • Growing competition and price wars!
  • Poor process efficiency %
  • Delight Customer and save costs wherever you can!
    • Train all the Process Managers on ‘How to improve processes?
    • Every Process Manager should have one successful improvement project to his/her credit.
    • Empower trained and certified Process Manager to lead change several such projects in future.

The Solution

  • Six months’ road-map.
  • Identify and prioritize improvement projects.
  • Identify project leaders and team members.
  • Design custom syllabus suitable to improvement projects.
  • Execute improvement project as you learn, apply learning on your projects.
  • Review projects with management and proceed.

Key reasons for success: (1) Top Management Commitment (2) Project selection and prioritization prior to training (3) Learn and apply simultaneously (4) Fortnightly project status review by senior management (5) Dedicated Project Manager assigned to initiative.

The Results

Project # Success Measure Before After Project Benefits
1 Nos. of accounts finished per 8 hours shift per FTE 27/FTE/day 33/FTE/Day Productivity improvement could increase the revenue by $1,730.00/Month
2 Weekly Accuracy % reported by client 90.92% 95.84% Customer Satisfaction owing to compliance of SLA
3 Accuracy % reported by client 87% 99.52% Customer satisfaction and scope for additional inventory
4 Nos. of accounts finished per 8 hours shift per FTE 389/FTE/day 578/FTE/day Avoided overtime of $840 per month, Reduction of 3 FTE’s could save revenue to $ 720pm
5 Nos. of accounts finished per 8 hours shift per FTE 108/FTE/day 145/FTE/day Reduced Cost per transaction
6 TAT SLA of 3 days Missed TAT SLA 100 % on time Avoided penalty $4460.12/month
7 Accuracy % reported by client 95% 100% Customer satisfaction and scope for additional volume
8 Accuracy % reported by client 94% 97.18% Customer Satisfaction owing to compliance of SLA.
9 Accuracy % reported by client 94.50% 97.06% Customer Satisfaction owing to compliance of SLA.
10 Accuracy % reported by internal QCA 93.66% 98% Customer Satisfaction owing to compliance of SLA.
11 Accuracy % reported by client 94% 98.50% Premium of 0.04$/chart received from the client

Client speak
“You laid the foundation and we tried to build a small house which is good enough to show case. As a next step, we will do client presentation directly to show case them we do have process in place to achieve consistent results and go up the curve to get additional business and referrals. Thanks for the effort you and your team took to make this reality.” – Ravi M, Vice President – Operational Excellence & Technical Training

Some of our other client’s (similar initiatives) in BPO say:
“When Acusis wants to do significant things fundamentally right, we dial into SKIL” – Ananda Sanjeev, Acusis

The program conducted by SkilGlobal for the “Certified Six Sigma Black Belt” course has changed my life! I have seen dime-a-dozen Six Sigma courses but this one stands out from the rest in methodology, quality, delivery and hands on learning. I am in a position now to hold my own while discussing business plans and decisions with the top players in the industry. For the uninitiated, what is Six Sigma? It is not a secret society, a slogan or a cliche. Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps us focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services.By completing this course, I have enhanced my ability to identify, analyze, foresee, develop solutions and communicate them to the organizational leaders aligning them to the business goals. The knowledge imparted by the Trainer, the quality of the learning materials provided, the pace of the course and the support while the project is completed are all of world class standards.

I have completed a project saving my organization about $200,000 within the first 3 months of completing the course!

Thank you SkilGlobal and Sreedher Kadambi!

I would recommend this course to anyone who would want to delve into the world of process improvements. – Amit Shetty, Director, Affiliated Computer Services

Why us and what next?
“We combine the power of Science and People Engagement to ensure improvement journey is enjoyable and exciting! We help people to become passionate to set higher goals and achieve them. Then we ensure everyone learns tools and techniques best fit for their chosen goals. We handhold till participants come up with their own success story.”
One’s own success story is the best form of motivation to continue the journey! It brings pride and ownership thus helps keep the gains.